We believe that every believer in Christ is a missionary. Therefore, we are on mission every day of our lives at home, work, and in the places that we frequent.

There are specific ways we are used by God to serve our community, state, country, and world.

1. Community: We partner with local schools in our community to help families in a variety of ways. Our primary purpose is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in order that these families might come to know Christ. We seek to be a “hand up” to students and parents in various ways; mentorship, school involvement, etc.

2. County: We partner with the Union Baptist  Association to reach our county through a variety of mission activities each month.

We partner with:

Heart for Monroe, a local para-church ministry. Their desire,  along with ours, is to see Christ’s love displayed in practical ways.

Help Crisis Pregnancy Center, a local crisis pregnancy center that seeks to show the love of Christ to women and families facing crisis pregnancies through the provision of spiritual, physical and emotional support. As a church body, we believe in life from the womb to the tomb. Therefore, we desire for these families to have what they need from pregnancy to birth and beyond.

3. State/Country: We partner with the North Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief whenever there is a disaster  within our state and/or nation. We seek to be on the frontline of disasters so that those affected may know  that Christ is present, even in crisis.

4. World/Cosmos: We seek to be a church that spreads the love of Christ to the ends of the earth. There are no foreign mission trips planned at this time, but we will be planning overseas mission trips so that we can be used by God to reach people near and far with the love of Christ.

5. Beyond: We are continuing to pray for God to reveal other ways that we can serve him as missionaries in  order to fulfill the mission of God.

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